Piano Pilgrim could not have been possible without the support of many, many people. All of them contributed in one way or another and helped me chase pianos all over the world. I cannot thank you enough! You know who you are.

Below is a list of who you are. If you have helped me but your name is not on the list, let me know and I will add you.

If you want to help Piano Pilgrim in any way, please contact info@pianopilgrim.com for more information.


First of all: my parents, Peter van Es and Marina Bliek. I cannot put in words how much they mean to me. They have supported me throughout my life with their unconditional love, they were there in the most difficult times and always told me to chase my dreams and helped me in making them reality.

Secondly, my sister Afra and my brother Daniël for all the love and laughter, for being close to me all my life and helping me shape who I am today.

And last but not least a special shout-out to Joost Mantel, my dear friend who has been closely involved in this project. A major inspiration and a big support in this crazy adventure, by giving feedback, ideas, advice (both wanted and unwanted), talking about the philosophy, always opening his heart and home to me and of course carrying dozens of pianos from A to B to C and back to A again…

Then, in random order:

Erwin van de Velde, Gersom Raams, Roel van de Dungen, Jan Godrie, Melissa Domacassée, Joeri de Hoog, Leo de Hoog, Rieneke de Ruiter, Ivo Guerand, Jesse van Venrooij, Jelle Bliek, Susanna Khouw, Keez Groenteman, Jan van Eerd, Patricia van Diessen, Lotte van Drunen, Mariska de Kort, Nelleke Dorrestijn, Jochem Havermans, Jan Stuurman, Christiaan van Wijck, Sophie van Os, Joel Zaagman, Gaby Hendrikx, Tom Espinosa, Lisette van Bijsterveldt, Marianne Brouwer, Karin van Kooten, Mathijs Leeuwis, Jaap Godrie, Gabriela van der Lans, Kim Pattiruhu, Marc Verschelden, Benjamin van Vliet, Harmen Fraanje, Lennart van der Berg, Ferdi Schukking, Joris Ruigewaard, Femme van den Berg, Joyce Jansen, Geert-Jan van Ouwendorp, Roelof Spaans, Aukje Winsemius, Anna Ågren, Julie Scott, Abdiel du Collage, Jésus y Idania, Loriel Beltran, Bob & Stacey, George, Bouke Bendien, Fifi Bernard, Ingrid Carré, Orlando Noel Muñiz Rivera, Joyce Rios, Luis Freytes, Blanca Martin Freytes, Candela Demarco, Luna Sky Demarco Morales, Nirvana Morales Demarco, Margarette Rivera, Fran Casillas, Stan Wannet, Jeremy Cox, Steve Smith, Ryan Snellen, Nikki Rodriguez, George.